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    Party Invite Responses...

    Ok I just began playing with people through party invites thanks to the forum. When people send me invites to play, and I'm playing in a game ( lets say with 3 mins to go and over 600XP currently in 1st place.) Am I supposed to quit immediately to play with people? Is that what you do? If that's what people do I can do that. I'm just trying to finish as fast as possible. It seems like people do not like waiting for that. I know the invite automatically cancels after a few mins. I want to play with everyone who invites me, unless I'm leaving soon or something. If people decline an invite from me I assume they are in a good battle. What I thought of was sending an Invite and cancelling it immediately to say "hey I'm ready now." Next time Ill just try and join their game.

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    Yeah - sometimes it's a hard decision - do I finish my game and get my xp or join my friends for possibly better games where I would earn more xp but loose what I've earned here already? I usually finish my game (unless it's just begun) and then send them an invite and cancel it right away - that let's them know I'm available to play if they still want me.

    Or you can try to join their game and kill them all over the place - establish yourself as someone who others want on their team

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    I usually try to join one of my friend's games before I invite them to check if they're free or not. I've stopped trying to join my friends game's because my game keeps freezing whenever the contacting host message comes up. you don't always have to respond to invites in the middle of a game though running around with a team above level 30 is usually in your favor for gaining exp, unless the game puts you against your level 41 and 51 friends. (I still shudder when I think of that one heroes match, 120 to 12)
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