This might be older person's POV, but why does everyone run away from hacked games? Who cares? It's just a game. Say a level 5 levels up to a level 50 in 2 hours, he/she will still play with the skill of a level 5. If you suspect a hack, consider it a challenge to show this person how a real higher level plays. It's just like a lower level picking up an Ivana off the ground-they still suck, and maybe get a couple kills out of it, before their screen runs red.
That's one of this game's major design flaws, in my opinion, is how loooong it takes to level up online play level. I've been playing since Christmas, (13 1/2 days of play time, level 54) and enjoy casual play but leveling up takes to long. If you want a real 'ranking', just look at the eliminations ranks, it's still pretty real on showing where you sit in the scheme of things. Have fun, don't take it too seriously!