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    Quote Originally Posted by Kira View Post
    When I was a level 35 I was using....
    Remote Mines
    Heavy Hitter
    Snap Shot(I recommend Bio Booster)
    ACOG Scope

    I kicked asses with that loadout! Try it!
    It will help you.

    Same here for when I was 35, but replace the Vargen with Terralite and add laser pointer. Vargen not really one of my favs, I'll use it every now and then.

    I used the Terralite with laser pointer or on another loadout, Terralite + silencer. Used those just about until I got my Strata which RULES! love that gun

    Those were my run and gun loadouts, Then I had a silenced sniper for when I feel like camping and let everyone else get kills. Then Toros when I would snipe and move, snipe and move. Never stayed in one spot for very long.


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    Alright dude, I would first of all have an assault loadout for medium/long ranged maps such as Jungle, memorial, outpost, etc. as for the SMG, the only time you should use an SMG is on the close-medium range levels, facility,sewers, docks(my favvvv) and I guess you could do night club. If you are looking for a vargen loadout then I will give you more information on the vargen loadout I think I might have some good recommendations for you to try: Vargen loadout Vargen- (of course.) Pistol- (whatever pistol you feel comfortable with, I prefer hawksman as it is good for hip and ADS fire after you runn out of ammo on the vargen.) Remote Mines/distraction- (Whichever you like more, but I wouldn't recommend distraction because you will be running around and even if you did throw a smoke grenade people could see you in the smoke, your silhouette at least. the remote mines however can let you play defensive especially when you have a sucky team. I would just recommend using remote mines as they are a one hit kill depending on range of person and the mine. Timed mines are useless and high cap mag is too being the vargen has a 50 round clip anyway.) Heavy Hitter (with Laser)/ Lightfoot (With silencer inless you was laser)- (here is kind of where it gets tricky. If you use heavy hitter with a laser then you can combine that with the laser point and hip-fire as power and hip-fire/ADS accuracy can make the vargen deadly. If you want just feel plain naked running "Slow" with heavy hitter then slap on light foot. If you are worried about dying to fast, slap a bio-booster but if you are good at listing to sound and you can ads and hip fire you won't need that once so ever. Instead just slap on snap shot (if you use laser) otherwise using snap shot would just be useless with a silencer as it wouldn't even be as accurate without a laser. Overall combine heavy hitter with laser and snap shot or combine light foot with silencer and bio booster) Snap Shot/Bio Booster- (snap shot with heavy hitter for that strong damage with accuracy for hip-fire and ADS or bio booster with light foot to withstand a decent amount of damage while you are running around.) Laser Pointer/Silencer- (Laser pointer is good if you want accuracy and if you want accuracy then you might as well rack up damage with heavy hitter but if you don't mind to much about damage as the rate of fire is fast then you can run around with light foot. Orrr you can use the silencer which is kind of useless on it anyway, but if you hate being detected then snap it on. If you do decide to use the silencer then snap on a light foot as it is a nice bonus and being a fast, silent ninja going around and assassinating enemys. If you don't want to take as much damage if you are spotted, add bio booster. Otherwise you can just get away with your light foot so instead you could just add snap shot.) Terralite Loadout Tellalite hawksman remote mines Heavy hitter snap shot silencer
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