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    Quote Originally Posted by crazygrant View Post
    firstly go easy- im not long awake....

    ok dude- i have NO idea what you mean sorry... you keep going on about the kallios gren... do you mean the noobs ak47 gren?
    um are you saying if you pick up the russians ak then it doesnt work? and you cant move? (coz ive not had this happen... ive often picked it up and its worked fine.)

    @godninja: the 2 bonds- this ive heard of, but the way you described it- could just be someone carrying bonds wep and bond using pistol? or did the bond character have another primary wep? and did they both have the hero icon.
    One had the hero icon not using the bond weapon but he wasnt the bond character he had the kallos but idk how it happened. You cant pick up weapons when you are hero. The other was the bond character without the hero icon using prox mines and the bond weapon.

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    @ godninja... oh thats strange- never seen that before....

    @nacho... now ive managed to pile in a little caffine... ive re-read what you said. i now think i understand.

    but nah, its never happened to me unless you count something weird in a tc, that i put down to hacking:

    it was on station.... i got the first kill of the game and picked up the dudes silenced strata.... and all hell broke free!
    yes it WAS first kill - played till end of game and checked awards for account opened. i started doing that "jumpy screen like lag" thing and the gun would refuse to fire at all. i was soon killed by the dude i had stolen the wep off.

    i later on picked up another silenced strata and same thing happened. so i looked at scores and noticed the dude who had the strat at start was only lvl 6. so i stopped trying to pick stratas up for weplvls and just stuck to my terra.
    remember i got 1st Kill. so an obvious hack to get the wep and im guessing the hacking somehow had an effect on me. probably not the same thing as you at all- but i thought id throw it out there to help (?).
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    Yeah it is a Ouromov hero glitch, it happens everytime if you throw your remotes out first and then spawn. I did it thinking the same thing you did.....that you could blow up some folks first but naw. The best way to get rid of the the glitch is to hit the melee button and then eveything works again. it is a very annoying glitch cuz I always throw out remotes when all the other heros beore spawning to get that first blow up kill. It's bad enough ouromov is the worst hero and add to that he has a glitch.
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    yeah, you can melee yo get your gun to fire, but you cant detonate the remotes. i had that happen once in the industrial and then someone ran by remote and it blew him up like a proxie. it was strange.
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    could be the game is glitched on your exploves counting as weapons

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