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Thread: gets me everytime..

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    that's classified
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    Quote Originally Posted by MethLepard View Post
    When 2 or 3 noobs including there hero are in a vent duct slapping the hell out of each other for space and you kill the whole team with a granade. WTF?
    I had the same thing happen to me, every time when they go hero they go in those ducts and stay at the end little did they know that i know all the ducts and where each one goes so thats a death trap for Mister Hero.

    Spoiler Alert!

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    i frequent BB often and what gets me is when we're in archives and i'm MI6 and the black box carrier goes into the room on the bottom lvl on side by the MI6 original spawn point ... i just drop in from the above vent behind the parcels and eliminate the BB carrier and any friends he may have with him ...
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    star some times they have a proxie or remote mine on the wall or some 1 camps looking at

    godninja i had all 4 bonds as hero having a slap fight in the vent i just masted uhm all
    Maxed in Golden eye C Man101

    gave up on black ops just a zombie person

    MW3 done C Man101

    Ok so people don't rage me i don't noob tube camp or any low shit, the reason im doing this is because other people have used my name and have tubed and done nub shit and have ragged to me

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