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Thread: Grenade Glitch

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    Grenade Glitch

    Has anyone ever had the glitch where it says that you have a grenade left (smoke, flash, whatev) and when you throw it, your guy starts the action put suddenly stops and points his gun again? Just wondering. I got in on Docks, and it there were a ton of things going off so I assume the game couldn't keep up and skipped a command.

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    ive had it the exact same on docks myself- but only twice i think.

    ive also had it where it shows no nades left and i can start to throw them. did it by mistake then kept trying to see what would happen lol. that was on archives

    both were a month or so ago... think its just a weird glitch- thoough are there hacks to stop others throwing grenades? i dunno
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    i love it it makes you feel like your twiliring it xD
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