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    Heroes: the level for Hackers

    I used to enjoy Playing The Heroes Game, but recently it seems to be full of Hackers. I was playing tonight, 6pm BST, and there was an unsuspecting enemy hero in front of me. I got a clear shot and blew his brains out. I was rewarded 5 XP. 5XP??? I thought the game was seriously glitching or something. 2 mins later, there he was again, i lined up the shot again, and BAM! took him out. 5XP rewarded again! after standing back and watching the enemy, i realised that there was more than one bond running around!

    It has disheartened me that much, that i cannot be bothered to go on the Heroes level anymore. How am i supposed to earn some good XP when i cannot tell who the hero actually is? I think that Nintendo need to put in some virtual moderators to randomly watch games, find out who is causing the issues, and then permaban them!

    I am seriously hoping that the Goldeneye reloaded game is alot more difficult to hack!

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    permaban them from what? a game they dont own..... see the sticky about hacks/homebrews/cheats...

    but yes, it is very annoying- as for the heros thing tho-

    isnt that just a glitch?- been around for awhile it seems.
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    sometimes the people are dressed like the hero but they arent? not sure how it happens. but did they have the sign above them? if they didnt, it was just a regular person
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