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Thread: I quit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trollface View Post
    *Kira* Im not calling you out or anything lol I just needed to reference this as an example.
    It's ok. If you want me to give you such things just ask for it on my youtube account, but I don't wanna get banned..

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    @ trollface: I was giving a general warning before things went too far in regards to hack talk 'n the like. What mainly spurred the warning was Rell's mention of illegally obtained ISOs. If I intended more than a warning, all of you would certainly know.

    Quote Originally Posted by rell View Post
    Already gotta pay $60 for PS3 and Xbox games, not gonna dish $50 for a Wii game..
    I personally try to keep homebrew talk to a minimum, or none at all so that interest in said modding isn't sparked; Wiichat doesn't need mod-related attention from Nintendo after all. Homebrew itself isn't illegal, but the many illegal things it leads to certainly are. And of course, Wiichat ain't gonna be host to any illegalities. Certainly not while I'm around, anywho. :P Hopefully this answers your question bro.

    Oh, and in regards to that thread, I certainly am second guessing my decision to leave it open.

    Quote Originally Posted by trollface View Post
    No one is talking about anything I haven't seen before on this forum.
    I can't catch everything, unfortunately... >_>;

    Regardless of all that, this thread never really served a definite purpose, but it's clearly strayed from whatever purpose that was.

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