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    Basically, lol.

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    Sigmus 9 - HiCap- Heavy Hitter - Snapshot (changed my mind) -Laser

    Also, if you really want a test of your skills, i suggest the standard Sigmus
    I personally consider it the shittiest gun in goldeneye. It takes like 2 whole seconds to kill some1.

    Okay today i was playing some guy named Andres. The dude was playing with a silenced sigmus 9.
    Once my terralite was out of bullets, i grabbed a few guns of his. And fell in love with it.
    Seriously. First thing i did was change my Varghen loadout to a silenced sigmus one.
    And it's sweeeeeeeeet. So incredibly sweeeeetWith the following loadout;
    Sigmus 9- Hicap - HH-SS- Silencer i managed a 46-11 spree.

    I've come to the conclusion that the sigmus 9 is a seriously underrated gun.
    It's got good range (no matter the stat sheet says), good rate fire, and it reloads fast.
    With HH the damage it does is even doable. It's that good, that i currrently can't bring myself to go back to the terralite.
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