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Thread: Giving credit to those who still dominate...

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    Giving credit to those who still dominate...

    As "THE EVIL ONE," I am at lvl 55 knocking on the door to 56. Because I have accumulated all that xp honestly over a long time of playing, I feel I can hold my own against just about anyone in the online multiplayer. However, I have to admit, there are still some players in this game that no matter how long I play, I just don't know that I would ever be able to get to the skill lvl that I could take them down consistently. We all know "that player." These are the folks that you enter a match, see their name, roll your eyes, and think to yourself, "oh boy...here we go again...I got my work cut out for me now." And then you do well enough to only finish second with a mere 2/3 of their kill count. I just want to take the time to acknowledge a few of these players, who consistently time and time again have whipped me sideways, and thus made me a better player:

    <KWAEL> - I can only aspire to your level of proxyton-ness
    }[atman - Pure skill indeed
    IRISHsteve - Going 30-0 in conflict must get boring after a while
    Skywarp - one word: fast.

    PS - This doesn't mean I am conceding victory to you folks, just my respect that you have earned. :-)

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    psst. "Post-Game Forum" thingie ^_^. Post in there! Copy this and post in there, would'ya? It needs some beefy statements like this!
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    How'd I miss this? D=

    Closed since this belongs in the Official Post-Game thread... Yeah.
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