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Thread: team conflict

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    WiiChat Member Cynic's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
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    boat room, meh!

    go for it- camp it out. and wait for raining grenades.

    seems not many people realise you can go to either side of the room and toss your grenades through the skylight.
    great fun getting a 4way kill with one well aimed grenade.

    makes you wish you could see the opponents face as you do it

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    WiiChat Member badbigt's Avatar
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    Lol redcrow wht's the fun of no kills? Unless its noobs then great slaughter then they would leave like little wimps cause the opposing team slaughtered them cause the noobs got bored. That would be hilliarious I would love to watch a game like tht. U could even see a change in how the players play cause they get mad. Lol
    goldeneye fc: 4823-5086-3507

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    Yeah, Cynic is right about the boat room. It is a "deadtrap waiting to happen." I've done the 4-way grenade kill myself before. Fun...

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