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    Same person, different modes??

    Ok, so I have seen this happen a couple of times, and it kind of trips me out. I will be in the middle of a game on conflict, and sometimes, if i am getting massacared, I will leave the game and go to a different mode like Golden gun. Well when the game loads and it throws me in a game that has already been started, I will see somebody with the exact same username as i saw in conflict, and its too unique to just be a different person. The first time it happened, i didnt think anything of it, I just figured the guy had done the same thing I did, but when it happened again, I was like wtf o.O?? Anybody have an explanation to this, or is it just coincidence?

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    It depends, if you where the host, chances are he was forced to find a new game and ended up doing the same as you.

    If not, how unique was the username? Like 007?
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