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    Front and back yard...bingo. Kinda reminds me of Docks... smh
    Online name: TmpaBndo[E7]
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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaBondo View Post
    It seems GE just isn't cool anymore without homebrew! smh Oh well, guess I will have to keep playing the "uncool" version forever...
    It's goin' the way of Brawl, amigo. Everyone who can hack loves stage hacks, texture hacks, changed game mechanics... The most popular multiplayer Wii games all seem t' go through this phase.

    Quote Originally Posted by Succthis View Post
    As it stands now EVERYONE must have the code active to join. Without the code your wii will just freeze. Doubtful these will ever be released to the public, so don't hold your breath.
    Hey, I was right! ... For once.

    Seein' as these hacks aren't available to the public (i.e. you need to hack 'em yourself), this topic ain't really within the rules no more. As such, thread closed.
    The Vermilion City Guru

    Spoiler Alert!

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