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    Sixers No Holds Week!

    Announcing The Real 56's No Holds Week!

    We Sixers have decided to hold a No Holds Week at our site. Here is the plan:

    Every night for 7 days we will host a war with a (hopefully) different clan. Rules as follows:

    -Best of 3, TLTK
    -No Holds
    -That is all.

    We will be shooting for start times of between 6-7 as I would hope to see some PAL's involved.

    The war will be followed by themed matches for the rest of the night, Rumble style, with everyone from the community invited. I'd love to see enough people show to get multiple lobbies going, region or otherwise.

    Assuming we gain enough interest in this it will run
    Sun February 3rd- Sat February 9th

    This gives you all plenty of time to get a team together and practice with your tubes and Mastys. By no means do you have to use the 52-54 weapons, in fact in some cases you may be smart not to....but we shall see...
    56-BeerBong The Real 56's Succthis/Ycleptt

    Mod Edit: No external linking. Make a clan thread instead.

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    i may be interested. what do i have to do play?
    lvl 56
    GOC: Heros / Team Conflict / Golden Gun
    Fav Maps: Industrial, Docks, Archives
    add >> 0362-1475-1036

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