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Thread: Wii in Ajax

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    Wii in Ajax

    Greeting’s fellow Wii members.

    I must say this is an amazing way of playing games. I’ll give you a little intro…..

    I’ve been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600…I’ve been around ppls (31yrs old)…I own most of the old school and new school consoles. I love to game… I’ve been an avid 360 gamer playing mostly Online. Single player games are boring to me. (that was before the Wii). Recently my 360 died, I sent it in for repairs and needless to say I haven’t received it back, it’s been almost 2 months. So what I was doing was purchasing a 360 and returning it back to best buy every 2 weeks, I called it my “hold me over 360. Well yesterday I returned the “hold me over 360” and had all intentions of getting another one. I inquired about the Wii knowing full well they might not have any in stock as I had called through out the day because I was told they had lots in stock for their Sunday Sales…Low and behold, the sales rep told me they just received a shipment 10min’s earlier…HOOK IT UP….I told her. Before I knew it I was walking out the store a new Wii owner, 360 who?...

    After setting it up on the big screen, I called my Daughter, she’s 6. She came and tried it out..it was so funny to see her just pick it up and go, we had a blast…we were laughing so hard. My wife came down to see what all the commotion was about, She got a hold of it and dang she was on a roll, she loved it. This was the only console I’ve ever bought that she likes…she may like it a bit too much...ha-ha….I think I need to invest in my own controller, she’s got dibbs on the current controller.

    This is a system that the whole family can have fun with, and fun we will have……..Wii have been converted………Thank you…..


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