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    Hi, Im new too. But NEED URGENT HELP

    Have recently downloaded Bomberman and Mario Cart. I have 1 Wii Controller, not the clasic but the one you get with the wii and have purchased 3 gamecube controllers too. I have read that you must have the same amount of controllers as players but cant get any gamecube controller to work. P L E A S E H E L P M E.

    Currently playing, Wii Sports, Banana Blitz, Super mario Bros - And trying to play Bomberman (multi Player) and Mario Cart

    MArio cart specic=ifes too that Gamecube controller can be used but insists on a classic controller before the game even starts??????

    As much feed back as possible please as am very concerned.
    Many Thanks

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    Welcome. As for the GC controllers, maybe try plugging them in? I don't know, I have a GC and 4 wirless controllers, but I also have a Classic Controller.

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