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    I'm new, but not necessarily better...

    Well, this crazy web page suggested that I introduce myself soooo.....yeah. Really, I guess I just wanted to find out how much trafffic these boards get, and maybe find out a few new things about my favorite new consol. So far, I managed to waste fourty dollars on an SD card just to find out that the Wii's got a flash memory BUILT RIGHT IN, and then of coarse repeated that mistake when buying a wireless router expecting to connect to the internet using the Wii. (Little did I know THAT was built in as well.)

    My crazy friend code (or whatever the hell that number is called) is

    4255 7520 1001 0618 ...... Although I guess that doesn't really matter unless I know your code as well. I was sorta' hoping to try to connect with somebody else using my Wii (just to see if I could) so.....you know........respond....
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