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    My first console!

    Hello all,
    Long time computer gamer (got my C64 in 1983) never felt the need for a console gaming system, since I got the original Pong back in '77. The Wii got me though! I love the remote and how it brings games alive. When games finally go online I may not game with the computer anymore.
    Currently playing, Need For Speed: Carbon, Super Swing Golf, and Call Of Duty 3. I got Madden 07, but it's ridiculous hard for a casual football fan, got some football fanatic friends who got Wiis so I'm sure they'll show me the ropes. Got a copy of Tiger Woods on preorder, for me that's the 'killer app' for the Wii so far. Also excited to see a flight sim when they start coming out!
    In the FAQ it says the online play will come out 'next year', anyone know if 'next year' is this year or really (say it ain't so!) next year?
    That is all...
    Frank K

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    Welcome to the forums =D. Also your question about the online thing. Right now nintendo is planning, but i'm sure they will get online going (i hope >.>). and yeah Madden is a really fun game on the wii . Played it through and was probably the best sports game i have played ^ ^.(even though for some reason sports games have been getting a little boring lately). But anyways! Enjoy your stay!

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    hey enjoy the forum!

    wow first console!

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