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Thread: hi all

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    hi all

    hey everyone...i'm in need of some help...i've had my Wii since July and I JUST got a wireless router a couple weeks ago. I cannot connect it to the internet. I've tried EVERYTHING i can think of. I've played with settings on my router, on the Wii, I even went to Game Stop to ask if they could help and they had NO idea what was wrong. I have a compatible router. I know my internet connection is working because my computer is online...when i do the "search for access point" it doesn't read ANY routers (mine or any in surrounding apartments). i'm SUPER frustrated with it because i have a pile of Wii points to use and i can't use them if i can't get the Wii online. any thoughts? my router is right next to the Wii also. thanks for any help you can give me!

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    check the range of the router maybe?
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