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    Hi (and confused)!

    Dang i am glad i found this site! I hope someone can help me as i am a total Wii novice and really need some advice.
    Ok here goes.....
    Just bought a Wii off ebay (yes i know you dont have to tell me)! Anyway, it arrived today and here is what i need help or advice with
    1 It is obviously from Japan (configured to that country)- i cannot change the language! I have gone through to the settings screen but when i click on the wrench (see how bad i am?) rather than it taking me to the setup page it takes me to a page telling me that i need to connect to access help!

    2 One of the games is a nintendo game cube game and gets as far as the first screen then i cannot move off it-do i need a different controller? I do apologise for these questions, if it wasnt for the internet i would be stuffed!!

    Anyway ill check back in a while to see if i can get this sorted!

    Oh and my name is Sarah by the way (whoops)

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    You really should post this in another section, since this is more of a hardware question as opposed to an introduction.

    For Gamecube games, yes you need a Gamecube controller to play them. I don't have an answer for your first question though, since I'm not familiar with Japanese Wiis.

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