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Thread: hey you

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    hey you

    hey my wii mote doesnt work, it fell down and when y swing in the baseball game on wii sports the character doesnt swing, also in the bowling game, and tennis and in all i only can get the cursor at the beginning but if i want to play i cant

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    your solution is here

    visit my profile for more ideas... ...and welcome to wiichat!

    Quote Originally Posted by idjut
    If your remote is not sensing movement of your arm swings then the motion sensors (called accelerators) inside the Remote are stuck. This is a rare condition, I've only had to do this on one remote and the following is the solution if you were to call Nintendo Tech Support:
    • it's hard to believe
      • lie the remote in your palm flat-side down
      • take your other hand and whack it real hard several times
      • avoid hitting the battery door and trigger button
      • if it's not fixed, try again... you'll get it.
    From frankwhite:

    Thank You. I ended up having to call Nintendo which tells me its a known issue... then tells me to hold remote upside down in right hand place left hand 4 inches above the remote and give her a good whack. ((( I actually started to laugh and ask if he was serious)))
    anyhow it worked after the 7th whack.

    So you were right thanks for the help.
    Yep I have my Wii remote working now....

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