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    Hi im a Newbie and ened some help with my wii

    Hello everyone.

    My boyfrind bought me a Wii for Christmas and i love it to bits. However i have noticed that when i put a game in it takes a very long time to load up, and makes a noise as if its not going to load and then there is just a blank black screen. This has done this a few times.

    I try turning it off etc but it wont turn off so i turn off at the mains. After about 4 goes it works again. I dont have this problem with Wii sports but i just bought 2 new games Bully and Game Party and it keeps doing it.

    I have heard this may be due to ventilation or something as i have my will in the stand upright.

    Does anyone have any advice or if this has happened before? I want to sort it before it gets worse as i love my Wii to to bits.

    Any reply would be much appreciated.
    Many Thanks

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