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    Hi, my name is Rick

    Hello to all here on this forum.
    I just bought this Wii a couple of days ago. I have always been a Nintendo fan since the days of Donkey Kong.
    The Wii was pretty easy to set up and once I figured out my modem settings I have been able to surf the internet with this thing.
    I am hoping that not only will I enjoy this console, but I would like to find some learning games for my daughter. Are there any learning type games for kids around the age of 3?

    So far I have only got the sports game that came with the console and Mario Kart. (I love this game).
    Anyways, I will continue surfing this forum and maybe find more answers to any questions I may have.

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    welcome to wiichat
    sorry i can't be much help :/

    OHAI! I'm just an old dinosaur from 2006 seeing who's here

    The name is. . . Hugo

    Got a Nintendo 3DS? 2492-5132-0881

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