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    new on wii and already need help!

    hi my name is pranav and i am 12 years old from hyderabad india. i have following 2 questions -

    (1) my nephew has scratched my wii sports resort disc. when i insert the disc, i see wii sports resort on the menu screen. when i click on it, i go the next screen where i do get the option of wii menu and start buttons. however when i click on the start button, it says it cannot read the disc. i have tried to clean the disc, but i can see many lines on it. please let me know using my computer if i can make a copy of the disc or does this mean that the disc is no longer usable and i have to buy a new one

    (2) also i am playing sonic unleashed. during the werehog sequence i am unable to jump over a hole on the road. chip says i can do a mid dash..however i am unable to do this. i have tried pressing all the buttons but it is of no help.

    please help me out. thx

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    Hey mvpranav, welcome to WiiChat!

    For your first question: yes, it basically does mean your disc is broken and you will need to purchase a new copy of Resort.

    For your second question: I've never playing Unleashed, so I'm afraid all I can do for you is point you to the gamefaqs page: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/home/945572.html

    Good luck!

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