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    Wii won't read disc

    I fortunately have 3 kids and am keeping the Wii console below our TV in the livingroom for my 7 yr old son to play.

    Well, my 3.5 yr old stuck a cd in the console (forsed it and upside down). I managed to take out the cd, but now it won't recognize any other cd's at all. new or old. Is there a fix for this? other than making my 3 yr old work to pay it off.

    A couple of months ago, Wii would not start and I read one of your suggestions to leave it unplugged for 4 hrs, and that worked, so i hope you can help me this time as well.


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    You might have luck in trying to purchase a lens cleaner:


    The actual lens could be damaged though. Best of luck.

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