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He's cool too, but Charizard has always been my favorite. He was the first Pokemon I ever raised to full evolution from a little baby Charmander. =3
Likewise, Red was the first pokemon game I ever owned. It was stolen, along with my Blue as it's replacement quite a few years ago, though. But for sake of nostalgia I bought a Yellow a few months ago. Brings back grand memories.

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me to, and im 15 lol. but, it's better to choose something you'd like to work at, that way, it wouldn't feel like work
All too true, BoZ. I didn't think you had the mind to say something as wise as that.

If you work in an area you enjoy, it isn't working at all. You're fulfilling a dream or desire in life, and better yet, you're getting a paycheck as a bonus. That's an important life philosophy, IMO.