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    Oldschool needs assistance!!

    I'm from the oldschool...literally, and can't figure out how to actually get to where I can surf the net via Wii. I've configured and connected, but can't get to the screen that actually has the inet on it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. No subversive comments necessary.

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    First, this isn't the place to ask for assistance. I'm sure you noticed this in the introduction thread, eh?

    Aside from that, once connected via wireless internet you'll need to visit the Wii shop Channel, it should be the one on the far right, in the top corner. Once selected you'll be prompted to select start, then taken to another screen and you'll want to select 'Start Shopping'!

    Once your actually in the shop you'll want to select the top third square called 'Wii channels' Then you'll be taken to yet ANOTHER screen(hold your excitement in) and it SHOULD be the 4th option down, called "Internet channel' select it and click on the 'Free' download button, not the 'Gift' one. After you'll be taken to a very annoying download screen I'd say turn your volume (on your TV) down.

    Ta Da! You now have 'Internet Channel!' Its at your main menu of your Wii Channel(s) in one of those nifty squares. Have fun.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums if you're sticking around.

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