hi, im new to the wii....well not really, i have had the wii for a while with a softmod there, done by a friend....anyways loading a ton of emulators lately and i guess im a bit confused, if any wiichat guru's out there can shed a bit of light I would really appreciate it.

my initial questions are as follows:

1) what is a wiiware?

2) what is the max sd card size i can use on the wii?

3a) i have some games on an ext hdd - why do my pal games either come up without color, or have major scrolling issues (cant see a thing as image on screen scrolls rapidly up or down, cant tell lol )

3b) is there a way to adjust my video settings to be region free?

4) i see on my sd card when i plug it into my pc, that there are a few ios files there, how can i tell which one is loaded? what are the others for?

Well, I hope to learn a ton from you guys -- I know I need to read alot but these initial questions will definitely help me get on my way.