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    looking 4 friend codes/wii speak users...

    hi pplz, i'm new here and looking 4 friend codes/wii speak users who play 2 or more of the same wi-fi games on my list:

    monster hunter tri
    call of duty: modern warefare reflex
    super smash bros. brawl
    metroid prime 3 (not trilogy pack) have 11 vouchers

    feel free 2 pm/reply me if u have wii speak and some of the games listed and i will be happy 2 add u 2 my roster. my game-specific codes/names r on my sig.
    Last edited by fade2green; 10-23-2010 at 12:10 AM.
    Wi-Fi Games:
    COD:BO - 3775-6724-2577 Fade2Green
    COD:MWR - 270605114992 Fade2Green
    Goldeneye - 290403744336 Fade2Green
    Metroid Prime 3 (non trilogy pack) 11 vouchers
    Monster Hunter Tri - Fade2Grn 59F4LM (HR 50)
    Onslaught - 1291-5458-0324 Fade2Green
    SSB:Brawl - 4811-6763-7175 Fade

    Non Wi-Fi Games:
    LOZ:TP, Metroid: Other M, Rune Factory Frontier, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Wii Sports, Link's Crossbow Training

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    Wii Friend Code: $post[field5]
    Welcome to wiichat, hope to see you around.

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