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    Project64 is the best n64 emulator out. i made a xbox to USB thing so i can use my xbox controller on my PC and using that for my games is awsome because even the force feedback works! takes some tweeking in order to get some games working correctly but it works wonderful. i just wish i didnt sell my n64 to my little cousen (7 games, 3 controllers, expansion pack, 4 mem cards, and 2 rumble packs for $70) because she lost the system!! not the games or accessories, but the SYSTEM!!!! i want it back so much
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    Lol how can you seriously loose something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonM3D
    If you dont have your old systems, it can be very difficult to go out and find one for sale in good condition without shopping at online auctions, so I dont think bad thoughts of you if you download games for free (as long as the game is no longer being made).

    How is the N64 emulator? The N64 controller is so different, and I have a playstation style controller for my PC and not sure how I could adapt. I would love to play Ocarina again
    yeah Project 64 for me. It works decent enough & I use my pc gamepad that has analog sticks & enough buttons I can map it to pretty closely resemble the N64 controller.

    BUT, I was maybe a 1/4 thru Ocarina & then the game hangs up when I try to enter Jabu-jabu(the big fish) & other downloads of the game won't accept the save file I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do!

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