Hi all,

I am a New Wii Owner, claimed a Black Wii with Wii Sports Bundled through a reward program.

It also came with Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

I had been trying to register on Club Nintendo Australia, but it is asking for a product code.


The message say:
"Inside the packaging of your selected Nintendo game or system you will find the Club Nintendo registration card. Locate your unique PIN#. You might need to scratch off a layer with a coin to reveal it.

Registration cards are included in the package of games or systems distributed by Nintendo Australia since 27 April 2008. Games released by other companies are not eligible."

I looked long and hard and couldn't find any registration card inside the console packaging or the games, may be someone can point me in the right directions.

Also, there is something called the Conneciton Ambassador Program, which tells me that my console had already registered with someone's console code and now I am an Ambassador??? Which means the only way I can get the free 500Wii Point is if another new Wii owner use my Wii Code as their helper, is that right?