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Thread: new wii user

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    new wii user

    hi all, just got a wii for xmas. never used one before and never been on a forum before, so pl forgive if i do something wrong.
    well, got the new wii working on a panasonic plasma tv, everything fine until try to play a game. go into wii sports golf and the "A" button does not work. ie cannot move close to ball to hit it. can swing the club ok.
    tried bowling and then the "B" button does not seem to work. ball always goes backwards !!
    also on some screens seem to loose the hand pointer. exit the game back to home screen and the controller seems to work ok.
    took the wii back to shop and they plugged it into a BIG lcd tv, everything worked fine.
    returned home and got same problems on the panasonic plasma.
    plugged it into a samsung lcd tv and could not get anything on the screen.
    tried an old crt tv and everything is fine again. I have reset the controllers with the 2 red buttons and checked the sensor alignment ok. can anyone help.
    why wont it work on my big panasonic plasma ???

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    I'm guess it has something to do with your TV's display settings somehow, or something to do with your sensor bar, and/or console even though it worked on another's TV. You're best bet is to call Nintendo.

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