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    Having trouble saving on wii!

    Hey guys, im new to the wii chat forum stuff and I already have a question haha. My wii ran out of room to save black ops on so i had to transfer stuff to and sd card. I have wii version 4.0 and the sd card is 4gb. So i clicked on some save data on the wii and clicked "Move" and it moved to the sd card. Then I go to play the game i moved to the sd card and it sets me back to the beginning, meaning all my data is basically erased. What happened? Then I try to copy the data back to the wii and it says the memory is already stored on the wii. Please help me get my memory saved correctly and thanks!!
    P.S. How can I also make the sd card the default save spot?

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    I think that when you transfer Wii datato and SD card, you have to transfer it back to the Wii in order to have the data when you are playing certain games...So I recommend you transfer data of games you don't play much on your SD card....You can also erase downloaded Virtual Console games from your Wii and save their data to the SD card that way you can download them again (for free) when you want. as to having the default save to the SD card, I don't think it could be done.

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