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    you call this hell? i believe your mistaken.
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    i did not know that...thanks for the info! :3

    I am not excepting anymore brawl codes so dont ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augur View Post
    G'day Kazza, I'm from Auckland, NZ. We're practically neighbours, LOL. My wife uses the Wii to keep fit, with the balance board and Wii Fit Plus. I use it to play games and to "tinker". Nice to meet you.

    Quote Originally Posted by hybrid -x1 View Post
    I recommend you get Netflix for your wii
    I guess you didn't notice that Kazza said she is in Australia. Netflix only seems to work for citizens of mainland USA. Even if you're in Hawaii, you can't get Netflix.
    yes i did notice that because i actually read the post what I didn't know on the other hand was that netflix wasn't offered outside of USA which is lame.

    so thanks for the info man

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