Hi Friends
I heard a lot about Wii and so i had got it through one of my relatives working in US.
When i tried to connect it in India where i live, i forgot that it will work on 110V while in India the standard is 220V and so without any converter i connected it in power supply and it gone bonk. There is a burning smell coming from it but i couldnt be able to distinguish that it's the AC adapter that has gone off or the Wii console.
Now i tried it with a converter, in start a red light comes on the power button but soon enough it goes out and then theres nothing on the console. So everytime when i switch on the power button ( when it is connected with a converter) the red light on power comes on and then within seconds it goes off.
Please help me in solving this problem.
I dont know whether i should buy a new AC adapter from US or i can also buy it from India, they have a authorised service centre in Ajmer ( Contact person name: Mr. S.S.Chauhan - 09928250072 given to me by reliance supermarket stocking nintendo Wii made on Indian format), or should i buy a converter also from nintendo since their website says not attaching any 3rd part accessories with their game console or should i send the Wii console for service.
If any of the people faced this problem in the past, please help me out in it.