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    I know it's not an intro, but I need help...

    I want to put a picture to replace the Wii that shows up on my posts, but I cannot, for the life of me, get the picture to be "valid". I've tried everything in the book. Resizing, different file types, everything, but no luck. Can anyone tell me how to put up a picture? Thanks to anyone willing to help.

    Oh god I came back after a couple years for kicks and I have no idea what's going on now.

    wut do halp plz

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    Easiest way is to get your image uploaded to a image hosting website, eg Photobucket or ImageShack etc, once that is done, you'll want to copy the direct link to your image(the webaddress to your pic) and simply paste it on the 'edit avatar' page.......

    Hope this helps. And welcome to the forums
    I'll make any gfx request via PM

    Signatures that i've made previously, they are about 150px in height, so I've spoilered them.
    Spoiler Alert!

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