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Thread: newbie X2

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    newbie X2

    hello all me (Jonathan) and my wife (Vikki) are newish to the wii online stuff used to have a wii before (having to sell last wii to boredom) but now just recently brought a new 1 and a few games (wii sport resort and Just dance 2)

    we was wondering how do we link up to everyone else`s Wii, we are looking for friends who don`t cheat and have a normal banter

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    well welcome to wii chat my name is brandon but my wii username is Klaws. first off go to the wii message board which is located on your lower right hand corner(the circle) with the envelope icon where you recieve mail) then secondly open it up and on the lower left hand side there are two circles. go to the create message one then after that when u click it there are 3 things. a memo, a letter with a message showing, and an adress book. use the adress book to find your wii friend code number. then in the adress book there r 20 pages to add new friends too. just simply get another persons friend code and enter the code. now the part i hate is that u have to wait for the other person to enter your wii code until then the name u entered will show grey meaning the other person hasnt entered your info to their wii.
    if they do enter your code to their wii then the name of that contact will be black and then u can start to send messages. anyway srry that took so long but i hope this helps you and your wife with your wii problem. my name is Brandon again. and my wii console code is 5173-9048-8560-1302. just send me a message back plz with you wii console code and ill b happy to chat. the only games i hav are super smash bros brawl, naruto, and mario super sluggers(thats not an online game). i hope to play with you two sometim. im on all the time so just send me a message. bye

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Playstation Network: yanks96
    Steam I.D: yankees96
    Xbox LIVE: dotKev
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    Just Dance 2 is an awesome game and you should seriously
    consider getting a 3rd/4th players for the dance party lol

    Anyway Welcome to Wiichat.

    NNID: hybrid_x1

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