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    Hi, I'm new to the forum but not Wii

    Hello, my name is Droidlynn, but everyone calls me Droid. I'm a self taught Droid technician. I know how to hack (root) any Motorola Branded Android smartphone, which I've done to my Motorola Droid X, and my specialty is the DROID DOES series. I'm a member of Droidxforums, but under a different name. I hope to be employed at Verizon Wireless to be paid to play with Droids all day long. I would like to learn to hack my wii, so I can play DVDS on it, as long as it doesn't require opening the wii and putting a chip in it. I have owned N64, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, NDSi, and Wii. My favorite gaming platforms are in order from all time favorite first are: Android, iOs, Nintendo, PS3, and XBOX. I grew up with Nintendo, but mostly I play Android and iOs, as they're easy to see without correction. I have poor eyesight due to a medical error when I was 12. I also hope to learn alot about Wii

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    Wiichat prohibits discussion of hacking and other such illegal warez or modifications, so you'll have to find another forum for that. Sorry friend.

    Thread closed.
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