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    Not Only New to Wii Chat, But New to Gaming

    We purchased a Wii for the family for Christmas. I am not a gamer. I played a little Galaga in the arcade 30 years ago. Absent that, no, I haven't played much of anything since. I was always a pinball player.

    Anyhow, we got everything hooked up and seem to be in good shape. I bowled some and played MarioKart.

    I'm not certain what there is to be looking to do with the Wii. I made a Mii. Is there a site I can access the Mii's stats online somehow? I guess I am looking for any 'Net integration with the Wii that there is.

    Thanks for reading this introduction. I hope to learn from folks.

    Merry Christmas!

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    There is Nintendo WiFi Connection.

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