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    hooking up wii to internet/tv

    Hi I am in the process of trying to hook up the wii to internet ready tv
    and am having alot of difficulty doing so. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hello there! I hate to be the guy to say it, but you've posted this topic in the incorrect area of the forum, but since you're new, it's not the worst thing ever done.
    I believe your topic would be better placed in this section, instead: http://www.wiichat.com/forum/nintendo-wii-online/

    On top of that, I recommend reading this topic: http://www.wiichat.com/forum/nintend...ion-guide.html
    And this: http://www.wiichat.com/forum/nintend...re-page60.html

    Refer to both of those as one of them should be able to help you connect your Wii to the Internet from your Internet-Ready TV. (I've actually been interested in buying one-a those things.)

    Anyway, welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your stay on top of finding the solution to your trouble.
    Spoiler Alert!

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    Welcome to WiiChat!!! Hope you can hook up your internet soon! If not go through your Wii manual, or watch a video on how to hook up your Wii with the internet. Other than that, welcome.
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