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    I the zant you fort was a puppet. I remember a scene when zant opens his mouth thingy and when he talks, he has goo all over his mouth? Well, when minda kills him, he is all clean. Strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack
    if im not mistaken isn't it that Zant and Ganondorf are basically connected? Something about Zant wanting power to be king and such of the Twilight Realm.
    exactly, didnt anyone else notice that right after Ganons triforce dissapeared was when zant showed up. and since Link had supposedly killed Ganon, he should have received that triforce.
    this is where I beleive Ganon was just a puppet in order to get the triforce from him. so now, Zant has the triforce of power...
    another thing that backs it is that Ganon was banished to the twilight as Zant took over as King, so I think something happened in there for them to intertwine in the end.
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    zants head was too heavy and his neck was too skinny. then he lost control and accidently snapped his neck =D

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