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    Quote Originally Posted by mattsaccount
    idk but i found a way to kill ganandorf really quick, just run around in circles and 90% of the time when he attacks he'll kick and whenever he kicks you can hit him easily.
    Yeah I just circled around him and did a few back slices. Too easy in my opinion but it felt good to kick his butt.

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    Yeah defo. Havent posted here in a while.

    My progress on 2nd run through:

    At the moment im trying to go through the game with only 3 hearts. Its soo hard. Ive died about 10 times, especially on the ball and chain mini boss. One hit and your dead. It was rly hard!!!
    I have: Zelda, Wii Sports for Xmas Day!
    I want: Red Steel, Metroid 3 Corruption, Smash Bros.
    and Call of duty III.

    I plan to get more controllers and lots of vitual points!

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