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    Why don't Nintendo bring back Shadow Link from "Zelda 2 adventures of link". Shadow Link could be an update modernize version. Why would link need a voice all of the sudden, if he didn't have a voice in the first Zelda game in '87, why now. I know
    he didn't have a voice in the first Zelda game in '87, why now.
    I know that was probably a bad example but still... True Maio had a voice in I think by the time when Mario 64 came out. But that's Mario. I think all i'm saying is Link doesn't need a voice.

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    isnt dat wat aim saying link neesd no voise
    it woud distroy the game

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    I've heard somewhere before the reason Link doesn't have a voice is so that you can better relate to him. Like, you can use your imagination of his responses instead of him saying it. When the main character has his/her own opinion it distances yourself from them and it's not like YOU or w/e.

    Well I did a bad job of explaining but maybe someone got it xD

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