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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytek
    I don't think this is a port of the GC Version I think it's completely from the ground up redeveloped for the wii.

    And who cares if it doesnt swing thew ay you swing it, sure that'd be cool but it doesnt make the game harder really, the wolfs attacks were easy for me except when you use the B button to attack them all at once
    it sometimes doesn't respond, overall good controls so far tho
    It is a port of the GC, only thing different is east/west, handedness, and motion control. Oh camera system.

    B works good for me

    If anyone read the NP interviews with director, he didn't want motion control at all but put it in last minute b/c of audience hype. Be glad its the way it is. If you want buttons, get a ps3. Btw, say same thing to you RS haters out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendocam
    If it detected motion for sword play, that'd be one heck of a helm-splitter.
    loool hell yea.
    This is the best Zelda ive come accross since majoras mask.
    The Wind Waker cant even qualify as a Zelda really so i will pretend Nnintendo never made it

    YOU SUCK^^^^

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    Not sure if it's just me, but the Nunchuk usually as problems detecting if Link did a Sheild Bash or a Spin Attack.

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