Personally, I really enjoy all the games. Nintendo is doing a really good job with the series so far. From theo originals to now - they're all really good. I've conducted quite a few polls on this topic, and most of the replies said Ockerena of Time is the all time best Zelda game.

Also, I saw an interesting thread, "Is Zelda Overated"? Well It's hard to answer that. For a lot of the games no. But I think some of them may be. I can see why people make uch a big fuss over the game. It's just a great plot, awesome gameplay, amazing characters, creative, not hyper-violent, and it has every aspect you need to make a good game.

Nintendo has been a very sucessful game industry. nd in the future I can see it being at the top. With the release of the Wii, I knew from that, Nintendo is going to go very far. Sony and Microsoft have been doing the same old with every new system- the graphics.

And don't get me wrong. The graphics is an important aspect to a game. If you have little blurs, that's going to make the gameplay drag. But all-in-all Nintendo has to be my favorite gaming corportation. I just like how they put so much cretivity into there games systems, and products.

So good luck with Nintendo, and Zelda, the best Nintendo game!