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Thread: Glitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by budd

    I've been loving the game but am seriously frustrated by this.

    I found the sky cannon below the village, got through the first cutscene talking to the guy but had to save and leave (he was still there). Now when I reloaded it, he's gone. however, the game still has him there to stop me from progressing. I can't warp the cannon as Midna says he's still watching, and I can't warp out for the same reason. I can't leave the room, as it jumps to a cut scene of the guy asking me where I'm going, but then he's not there to talk to. argh

    Please help, I don't want to start over... but I can't seem to fix this. I reset and reloaded, I killed myself... nothing.

    Thanks for any help.
    there is a way to regain your account on loz.

    1. download this save file for zelda
    ( it has "(quote site)all the letters in the book. Just go in the house, downstairs, through a couple cutscenes then warp the cannon out of there."
    2. put the file on an sd card. ( you may need to place it on a camrea or somthing to do this)
    3. replace your file with this one.

    4. repme if that helps, i will make another thread called "sky cannon glitch"
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    This has happened to me, i had to restart the game so as far as i know youre screwed
    i smashed my wii, so i wont be on wiichat no more

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