I'm stuck. I can't find nothing on the net so I ask for someones guidance. I beat Ook which was no big deal. You have to have 4 monkeys to cross to get him right? Well that's all done obviously if I beat him. I saved the game and stopped playing.

Now I start it up again and it starts me from the beginning of the temple which is not big deal but I have no monkeys. I go to in the wind gorge room where I had to originally cross to beat Ook and they are not there.

I go searching for them. I can't find them and then I see this room and at the far left on a ledge I see 4 monkeys but can't reach them. I also then run out of oil. Reading from here I have to use that little guy to warp out of the temple and get some oil but how do I get those monkey's back! I have to get those monkey's so I can cross the bridge on the wind gorge again where I beat Ook and get another monkey on the other side with my boomerang. Any help would be appreciated.