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    Will LoZ:TP have Zelda theme music???

    The Zelda theme song that i'm talking about is the one that was absent from Ocarina of Time.

    I'd love to hear this song play whilst i'm riding across Hyrule feild on Epona.

    This is a version of the song just to give you the idea of what song i'm thinking of. I'll look for a better version though.



    Ok found some moderately better versions. Scroll down to the bottom where it lists Theme Song (check out the mario paint one!).

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    Without checking the links I assume you mean the theme that was present in MM on termina field, being as you said the one absent from OoT.
    It was also the one in ALttP, if so then I hope it is also. Its a nice theme and brings back memories of ALttP (the 1st Zelda game I played, saw/watched played, and thought it was the actual 1st Zelda game at the time).
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