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    New Videos and Preview

    Two new videos and a preview at the ww.thehylia.com

    The Videos are short little snipits of link battling on horse back and battling a Bokoblin if your look at the video closely you'll see that it looks very fluent and smooth they are also if you look outside of the battle you'll notice the maassiveness of hyrule field (every day I'm starting to beleive more and more its going to take litterally 45 minutes to cross it)

    The preview is pretty in depth and isn't just the same inf we've heard a million times it shows what the controls are and really sells it too you as the game to get it has a few little spoilers here some little some medium but no real big ones.

    Check it out: http://www.hylia.com
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    Awesome, thanks!

    I'm downloading it now.
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