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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaine06
    Yes he will because I heard that he has built an army in that place to take over the land of hyrule. Or maybe the twilight king will set him free and both of them will take out link.
    Thats what they need to do actually... another two-on-one boss battle, like the Spirit Temple finale.

    So you fight the Twilight King aswell as Ganon at the end, but instead of making the attacks so predictable and easy to dodge, they need to give the AI a frenzied feel to it, more so from Ganon.
    So they could have Ganon attacking in a wild manner so your immediate attention is on him, while the Twilight King being calm and collected attacks from the distance with spells, and could even heal Ganon if you dont shoot him with an arrow when Ganon stops for breath, due to damage.

    That part is a predicable pattern of course, but you do eventually need parts like that in a game boss battle otherwise you wouldnt win... well actually you would, because in fighting games there is no pattern for an open window to attack, especially if the game is set on hard mode.
    So they could take some of the AI from a fighting game for instance, so atleast the final boss would be challenging, instead of you thinking... yer yer he gonna stop for breath ina minute, then I attack, rinse and repeat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    yeah I am sure they are from him.

    TO: Deity Link
    Thats Hyrule Castle...thats weird...you know how in WW the castle was destroyed! Maybe thats the process of it!
    That same reviewer said that this game doesent have a place in the zelda timeline, so i wouldn't bet on that.

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